Harmony in Java community

Apache came up with a proposal to develop a open source implementation of Java called Harmony.

Though, Harmony FAQ shows that they are going to have tough time making sure that they are not voilating Sun's license.

Talking about license, there have been lot of discussions on Sun's license earlier also. There were efforts to develop a free Java implementation including GNU classpath and Kaffe but both of these were licensed under GPL.

The special thing about Harmony is that it is going to be released under Apache's license.

Though initiative of developing a free VM raises few thoughts:

  • Will it always be released at the same time as a new release of Java by Sun?
    I think not for now atleast. As it appears that development of Java VM is not a small task and to catch up with current state Java VM should take quite alot of time.
  • Can it be better than Java?
    No, as a mail archieve indicates, it has to confirm to J2SE specification or it can not be called "Java".
  • What will be the future of Java if this really "catches" up?
    There will be lot of diverse implementation of Java "like" platforms, each taking up code base of Harmony and implementing their own VM.

    Surely, this puts Sun into a interesting position.
    Sun has been trying to improve relationship with Open source people, inviting others to develop specification for their next java release, or contribute to it.

    I personally feel development of Harmony will create more diversification of Java community.

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