My personal FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about Nirendra Awasthi, but never knew whom to ask.
How to spell your name?
Nirendra (and not "nirendar", "narendar" and "naurandra")
When did you start using computers?
How many (human) languages you know?
Hindi, english and french a bit.
How many (programming) languages do you

What is your favourite...
operating system?
programming language?
ksh, C, java
eclipse, vim
rock band?
Why men don't listen & women can't read map
What you dislike?
Lieing, DOS prompt
What you like most?
programming, people, ice cream, reading
What is your nickname?
Do I really need to answer this one :) .. Well, lot of them actually, Xolu
(pronounced as zolu sometimes), Nitu, so many friends call me awasthi that I
forget my real name at times.
You made up all these faqs, didn't you?

No, ams and tarun did. I only modified and changed
it a little.