My foods

I enjoy eating more than I should. As my friend Nikhil would say "I'm basically a vegetarian". Though, I don't mind eating man(or woman) if it comes to my survival.
Here is a 'brief' list of dishes which I like:

Aloo Tikki(Delightful stuffed mashed potato cakes)
Aloo bonda(Deep fried balls made of potatoes, dipped in spicy gram flour batter)
Dhokla( Light and fluffy steamed cubes of ground rice lentils, seasoned with mustard seeds and red chili)
Pani puri(Puris dipped in water falvored with a mixture of spices and mint)
Pav Bhaji(Medley of spicy mashed vegetables served with buttered pav (bread))
Samosa(Stuffed prism shaped savories filled with mildly spiced potatoes)
pfff.. was quite a long list and make me realise why I worry about gaining weight.

Mirchi ka Achaar(A spicy pickle made of green chilli)
Aam ka achaar(Punjabi mango pickle)
Tamatar ki chutney(Tomato relish is a combination of tomato and onion, perfumed with ginger-garlic)

Aloo ka Paratha(Whole wheat bread stuffed with spiced mashed potatoes and fried with oil)
Roti(Whole wheat bread cooked on tawa)

Veg dishes:

Baigan bharta(A vegetarian delight, eggplant mashed and cooked with tomatoes, peas and spices)
Chana masala(Chickpeas cooked in exotic spices)
Rajma(Kidney Beans cooked in onion tomato gravy with spices)