Google suggest shows incorrect result

I was impressed by the intersting user interface of Google suggest. It uses XMLHttpRequest for making callback to Google and updates the search results on every key press.

The JavaScript code within it, calls a routine callGoogle, which makes call in the following format (On typing goog in English locale): The URL returns two arrays, one with possible results and another with number of results.

This interface was developed by one of the Google’s employee in his 20% time, which is a program where Google allows their employees to devote 20% of their working hours to any project they choose.

But does this really shows the right results.

Screenshot below shows 155,000,000 results for keyword "google" in Google complete and 281,000,000 results when searching the keyword in itself. Google suggest bug

[Click on the image to view it in full size]

It appears that the server from where "Google complete" gets it's information is not synchronized with Google’s "main" server.

To verify this, I picked up few keywords from Google zeitgeist.

Keyword Google suggest Google Status on for week ending May, 2005
katie holmes 1350,000 2,430,000 Gaining
mother's day 7,560,000 57,500,000 Gaining
passover 2,300,000 3,830,000 Declining
nicole kidman 1,710,000 6,400,000 Declining

And it seems the declining sites according to Google zeitgeist are still in declined state in Goggle suggest, even when they have gained popularity on Google.

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