Java binary on Linux

Recently noticed support for Java binary on Linux kernel which means you can execute your Java applications simply as:
$ ./HelloWorld.class
And this can be achieved in following few steps(Assuming JDK is already installed and CLASSPATH properly configured):

  • Recompile your kernel with CONFIG_BINFMT_MISC option. This can be achieved as follows:
    #cd /usr/src/linux; make menuconfig
    Select "Executable file formats / Emulations" -> Kernel Support for MISC binaries
    Save and exit. Follow /usr/src/linux/README for further information on compiling the kernel.
    BINFMT_MISC can also be compiled as a independent module and inserted manually. This feature allows you to invoke almost any binary by simply typing it's name in shell. Refer to /usr/src/linux/Documentation/binfmt_misc.txt for more information on this.
  • Mount binfmt_misc and setup for Java executable:
    # mount binfmt_misc -t binfmt_misc /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc
    # echo ':Java:M::\xca\xfe\xba\xbe::/usr/local/bin/javawrapper:' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
  • Now execute the following:
    # cat /usr/src/linux/Documentation/java.txt |grep -m3 -A 195 "Cut here"
    and copy the first script as /usr/local/bin/javawrapper. This script will add the class file to classpath.
    Compile the second C program as follow:
    # gcc -O2 -o javaclassname javaclassname.c
    # cp javaclassname /usr/local/bin
    This executable is required to find the fully qualified class name i.e. for class Test.class in package, it will return
  • 5. And now the fun part. Just chmod any Java class to execute it.
    # javac
    # chmod +x HelloWorld.class
    # ./HelloWorld.class
  • I gathered this from /usr/src/linux/Documentation/java.txt which can be referred for more information.

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    Matt John Says:
    Sat, 2009-10-24 06:44

    Blackdown Java was a port of Sun Microsystems's Java virtual machine to Linux by a group of volunteers led by Karl Asha and Juergen Kreileder. It predated Sun's official Linux port, and supported Linux on architectures that the official version did not, including SPARC and PowerPC. At its close, Blackdown had released J2SE versions 1.4.2 on i386 and AMD64, 1.4.1 on SPARC, and 1.3.1 on PowerPC,ccnp certification Work on J2SE 1.5.x for x86, AMD64, SPARC, and PowerPC was noted as being underway, but no releases were apparent on the main website.

    Despite widespread confusion, Blackdown was neither free software nor open-source software. It was the default Java in Gentoo Linux and many other distributions, because the binary redistribution policy allowed it to be pre-installed or distributed through that distribution's package management system, whereas at the time, Sun Java's binary redistribution policy did not.

    Since Java 5, the Operating System Distributor License for Java (DLJ) meets many Linux distributions' requirements, so it is now the default for at least Gentoo Linux, unless you specify Java 1.4 or earlier, for which the DLJ does not apply.

    The Blackdown project ended in August 2007. The Java software itself still exists on many mirrors.

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    Tue, 2010-07-27 02:53

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    Thu, 2011-03-03 10:05

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