It's spring

It's spring time in Switzerland. Flowers everywhere, some rain and more sun... that's how I describe it.

It's good to watch people playing chess in the nearby park, bed of roses, evening fog and smell of flowers in air.

It seems as if city woke up just now. I see more people on streets.

I feel happy. The experience is like few lines I read somewhere:

Dhul gayi hai ruh lekin dil ko yeh ehsaas hai
Yeh saadgi chand lamhon ko hi mere saath hai
Phaaslon ke gard mein yeh saadgi kho jaayegi
Sheher jaake zindagi phir sheher ki ho jaayegi

Linux rocks

How to find out if a operating system really rocks. Well, public opinion is always the best way.

Don Marti maintains a sucks-O-Meter for various operating systems, which is based on the AltaVista search for each of several operating systems directly followed by "sucks", "rules", or "rocks".

Looking at the graph it seems Linux rocks ;-)


Even when anti-spam softwares are increasing in the market, there are lot of people who find spam useful. According to a survey conducted by BSA more than 90 percent of U.S. Internet users receive a variety of spam, and about 21 percent of customers admit to have purchased computer softwares through spam.

I was wondering if I can do anything useful with the spam mails I get, and noticed DadaDodo which generates random text using Markov chains. This python code does the similar text generation using spam mails.

One of the larget collection of spam mails with humourous replies is in

Spam never seem to stop even with so many laws. Recently noticed this collection of anti spam sites and mailing lists .